Friday, April 1, 2011

Cast announced for Henry V

Iowa City - Dreamwell Theatre has announced its cast for their June production of Shakespeare's Henry V. This is the first time the 14 year old company will venture into the realm of Shakespeare. Angie Toomsen directs the show which opens June 3 at the Unitarian Universalist space.


Kevin Moore – Henry V
Rip Russell – Fluellen
Ottavia DeLuca – Katharine, Le Fer, Canterbury
Mark McCusker – Pistol
James Trainor – Dauphin, Scroop
Dennis Lambing – Duke of Exeter
Jen Gerbyshak – Alice, Ely
Steve Polchert – Nym, Bates, Burgundy
Ben Singer – Constable of France, Jamy, Bedford
Jake Kostiv – Williams, Rambures, Gloucester
K. Lindsay Eaves – Gower, Grey
Madeline Quint – French Ambassador/Messenger, Harfleur
Logan Navtvig – Boy
Scott Strode – King of France, Erpingham
Meg Dobbs – Isabel, Westmoreland
Robyn McCright – Hostess, Court
Nika Tipsword – Montjoy, Macmorris, Cambridge
Brian Tanner – Bardolph, Orleans

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