Friday, February 27, 2015

Auditions for Romance/Romance

Iowa City - The Iowa City Community Theatre will hold auditions for Romance/Romance on Monday, March 2nd from 7:00 pm-10:00 pm and Tuesday, March 3rd from 7:00 pm-10:00 pm at their theatre space on the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Callbacks will March 4th from 7:00 pm-10:00 pm. The show is directed by Jaret Morlan and performances are April 24-26 and May 1-3. 

Two one act musicals take varied looks at romance seekers. The first is a delightful romp through the sexual ennui of turn of the century Vienna based on Schnitzler’s tale The Little Comedy. Act 2 is a modern look at affection and disaffection in a two couple summer house in the Hamptons based on the Jules Renard play Summer Share. An Off Off Broadway sensation that successfully moved to Broadway, Romance/Romance is a perfect change from the modern mega musical.

The director will provide scripts/sides for cold readings from the script. There is no need to prepare a monologue. Please prepare a one-minute piece of music; a pianist will be provided.

If you would like to download an audition form to complete and bring with you, please click HERE.

Alfred Von Wilmers/Sam – Strong legit baritone.
Josephine Weninger/Monica – Strong alto, with high belt.
Him/Lenny – Tenor
Her/Barb – Soprano

Spelling Bee Opens Tonight

Iowa City - The Iowa City Community Theatre's production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee opens tonight. It's a musical about six young people in the throes of puberty spelling their hearts out while being overseen by grown-ups who barely managed to escape childhood themselves. They learn that winning isn’t everything and that losing doesn’t necessarily make you a loser. It was a hit on Broadway in 2005 and won two Tony Awards, including Best Book. 

The cast: 
MITCH MAHONEY – John Bednarik 
RONA LISA PERRETTI – Krista Neumann 
VP DOUGLAS PANCH – Mike Wilhelm 
WILLIAM BARFEE – Adam Nardidi 
LEAF CONEYBEAR – Brett Borden 
OLIVE OSTROVSKY – Emmy Palmershiem 
MARCY PARK – Lindsay Raasch 

Director Ken Van Egdon has assembled a great cast for the show. You might remember Brett Borden from a very different role, George in Of Mice and Men. However, he has comedic chops as well, as he showed in area productions of Noises Off and A Year with Frog and Toad. Krista Neumann has directed many shows in recent years, including Annie and most recently Camo: The Musical! Emmy Palmershiem is probably more recognizable to Cedar Rapids audiences, where she graced the stage in such shows as Jake's Women, Eurydice, and August Osage County. You might remember Mike Wilhelm from Camo: The Musical! or from such TCR shows as Damn Yankees and Gross Indecency. Both Mike and Emmy were singled out for outstanding performances in 2011. The show runs through March 7. Tickets are available here.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pinocchio has been cast!

Coralville - The Young Footliters have announced the cast for their next show, Pinocchio. This show consists of a cast of children in Kindergarten through fourth grade.The show will be presented April 17th and 18th at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts. Director Jean Grewe has also recruited older children to handle a number of the backstage tasks.

Pinocchio- Dillon Croco
Hickory Cricket- Jack Furlong
Lorenzo- A J Murdah
Geppetto- Massimo Biggers

Alberta- Liberty Henstrom
Brunella- Julianna Mascardo
Carlotta- Lily Schloss
Dina- Mary Danielle Gross
Elma- Amelia Douglas
Felona- Maya Marquardt

Fettucini- Zaira Malloy-Salgado
Gorgonzola- Noe Richman
Linguini- Amara Ballantyne
Macaroni- Paisley Brown
Pepperoni- Elsie Gross
Ricotta- Piper Falduto

Ivana- Ellie Ziegelbein
Lucky Star- Britton Mason
Blue Fairy- Aleigha Ausman
Fibber the Fox- Leo Burchett
Lefty the Cat- Davis Nepple
Lampwick- Landon Peoples
Coachwoman- Ava Prickman
Jack- Clive Guidry
Jill- Lilly Vogts

Music Box Ensemble:
Jenna Alden
Jade Freeburg
Maddie Struthers
Rachel Swack
Emma Wagner

Cuckoo Clock Ensemble:
Aubrey Ballantyne
Madilyn Deifell
Blaise Guidry
Ivy Hendrickson
Will Jackson
Ella Kucers
Izzy Murdah
Anna Prieskorn
Hanna Robbins
Sebastian Robertson

Fish/Water Ensemble:
Sylvia Broffitt
Adelaide Capps
Tali Clements
Tessa Clore
Hyrum Henstrom
Max Lynch
Rowan Russell
Cooper Shilling
Nadia Sprague
Chelsea VeDepo
Tage Zimmerman

Fire/Cage Ensemble:
Nora Ausman
Abril Bejarano
Maya Hanna
Natalie Hawk
Brody Hiscock
Tanvi Kuppachi
Amelia Marquardt
Margaux Maurus
Bryn Russell
Samir Singh
Makenna Waite
Sam Zimmerman

Why Torture is Wrong... Struggles to be Right

By Rachel Korach Howell
Photos by Elisabeth Ross

Regan Jade Loula as Felicity; Benjamin Alley as Zamir
Iowa City - Dreamwell’s Why Torture Is Wrong and the People Who Love Them, written by Christopher Durang and directed by Adeara Jean Maurice, is a look into post 9/11 frenzy in the United States with smatterings of other hot topic political issues thrown into the mix. The story revolves around Felicity (Regan Jade Loula) and her marriage to a possible terrorist named Zamir (Benjamin Alley). We see them wake up together and it becomes quickly clear that what was, to her, a one night stand (foolishly enacted in a drunken blackout) is actually the result of being slipped a drug and forced to marry a man she doesn’t know (married by an oblivious minister who makes porn, played by Brian Tanner). Zamir’s random shouting and violent threats to keep her from annulling the marriage, are seemingly, fairly easily ingested by Felicity as she agrees to have him meet her parents.

Luella, Felicity’s mother (Sandy Goodson), a sort of Stepford shell of a once-was woman (a clear result of an overly patriarchal society and a war-mongering and abusive husband), talks mostly of movies and theatre while the father, Leonard (Randall Schroeder) gets furiously angry on the turn of a dime, brandishes hand guns at the drop of a hat, and mysteriously retreats to care for his “butterfly collection” which no one has ever seen and Felicity suspects isn’t real.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Spy Who Punned Me, or… From Old Creamery With Love, or… Punraker, or…

By K. Michael Moore
Photos by Lily Allen-Duenas

(L-R) Keegan Christopher as Myron; 
Mike Long as Jacob Seal
Cedar Rapids Puns are generally something a person loves, or hates. In a lot of ways, so is dinner theater. In both cases, the decision is entirely a matter of opinion and personal preference.

I LOVE puns (as several friends will attest with displeasure, no doubt!) – not sure about the old adage claiming they are the “highest” form of humor, but I love them. Dinner Theater, well, that I have found can be marvelous or disastrous… and every space in between.

Old Creamery Theater’s dinner theater production, The Spy Who Killed Me (written by James Daab) is a pun-laden farce of the spy thriller genre, performed at the Clarion Hotel in Cedar Rapids (Note: NOT at the OCT’s usual Main Stage or Studio spaces in Amana).

It ain’t Shakespeare, but it is far from disastrous.

An Itch to Scratch

By K. Michael Moore

Cedar Rapids - Some of my most amazing memories are of sitting in some friend’s basement, or around a table at some dive, tossing back a couple beers and having a bull session with my creative, often acerbic, always dreaming, creative friends. The unplanned conversations that spark a “You know what we could do…?” brainstorming session, that maybe leads to nothing at all but a couple laughs and a memory, or maybe becomes the next sensation. SPT’s Tales from the Writers’ Room series makes me feel like I’m watching those conversations every single time I go. The SPT troupe has this unplanned feel to everything, and it’s beautiful. They don’t waste time worrying about perfection, they throw together the funniest, best stuff they’ve got and see what sticks. And the result is really, really enjoyable.

For those who don’t know, Tales is like Cedar Rapids own SNL – a variety show of local writers and acting talent, with musical interludes between sketches. As far as I understand, like SNL, the performers come together in the week ahead of the 2-night set, and cram like hell to memorize, block, and put up a full evening of sketch comedy, spoken-word, and often electrifying concert-style music. Each season has a theme the writers must utilize, and each specific session has a specific topic – both must be included or at least nodded to in each sketch. In addition, each session includes the talents of the usual band of SPT ne’er-do-wells, and also 2 Guest Actors, a Guest Writer, and Musical Guest Artists. This season’s theme is “7”, and this weekend’s particular session was 7 Year Itch.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Giving Tree Announces Donation Recipient/New Season

Marion - "The Corridor’s newest performing arts venue and production company announces the newest beneficiary for ticket profits. The cast of Arsenic and Old Lace, opening March 6th, chose to donate a portion of upcoming ticket profits for all nine performances to local human services non-profit organizations Hospice of Mercy, and The Dennis & Donna Oldorf Hospice House of Mercy.

The Dennis and Donna Oldorf Hospice House of Mercy is the first and only facility of its kind in the Corridor. Hospice of Mercy has provided compassionate, professional end-of-life care to thousands of families in our community. The donations Giving Tree will make to these non-profit organizations will be used to...
Support programs for Hospice of Mercy which includes hospice care in private homes, hospitals and nursing facilities
Support groups and bereavement counseling
Services not covered by insurance or Medicare
Patient care for those without ability to pay

A Steady Rain Opens March 13

Davenport - QC Theatre Workshop will be producing A Steady Rain by Keith Huff, opening March 13. More information here.

Boeing Boeing Opens February 20

Cedar Falls - Oster Cedar Falls Community Theatre's production of Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti opens tonight. More information here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cast for Snow White

Waterloo - "The Black Hawk Children’s Theatre has cast 29 local, talented actors in roles for its upcoming production of Snow White.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? The evil Queen seeks to rid herself of her rival in beauty. Snow White escapes to find seven dwarfs whose personalities run the gamut from obstinate to generous, mean to kind. They are all, however, totally appealing. The Prince is a true prince, sometimes foolish, but always brave and Snow White is as lovely and loveable as legend says.