Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Write a play about sin!

We received word of this today. Looks like a fun opportunity for playwrights.

The Iowa Scriptwriters’ Alliance (ISA) is planning an evening of sin. Make that a playbill of seven short plays whose subject is the Seven Deadly Sins.

The Des Moines-based organization for writers is announcing a statewide call for scripts with subject matter ranging from envy, anger, pride and avarice to gluttony, sloth and the ever-popular lust.

The ISA is seeking original scripts now from Iowa playwrights for an evening of seven plays, each running from five to 15 minutes in length, to be produced at the 4th Street Theatre in Des Moines in April of 2008. Each play will be based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Playwrights are encouraged to log onto the ISA website for complete rules for eligibility and script requirements. Interested writers should then contact the ISA at williams.e.coleman@att.net for assignment of their sin(s). The deadline for all script submissions is Dec. 1. Announcement of selected plays will be made in early January 2008.

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