Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The cast of Godspell

Catalyst - The cast of Godspell has been posted on Catalyst's website. The show opens November 15th. More information here.

Jesus - John Marshall
John the Baptist/Judas - Jim Brewer
Lamar - Jeff Stewart
Jeffrey - Jeff Mead
Herb - Jason Millsap
Joanne - Jessica Fanucchi
Sonia - Heather Lawler
Robyn - Rachel Brown
Gilmer - Roxanne Gustaveson
Peggy - Carol Johnk

The show is directed by Jeff Shields with assistance from Wendy Ostrem. Lyle Juracek will handle the musical direction and the choreography is going to be coordinated by Arts a la Carte. And Rich Riggleman is the stage manager.

EDITED because somehow I missed the Chorus. They are Ali Heath, Megan Henry, Frederica Kenyon, Nick Ostrem, and Wendy Ostrem.

That's a lot of "J" names in the cast for a play about Jesus. Not sure what to make of that!

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Carol said...

Being IN the cast with all the "J" names is equally confusing. We call Jim Brewer (John the Baptist/Judas) J-cubed....

And now, Heather Lawler has been replaced by Robyn McCright. So, we have a Robyn playing Sonia and a Rachel playing Robin....

Confusion abounds!