Monday, October 22, 2007

Raising money for theatre

Dreamwell - Iowa City American Legion Post 17 will host a charity Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament to benefit Dreamwell Theatre on Tuesday, October 23 at 7:00 pm. The buy-in will be $25 with $15 re-buys and an optional $15 add-on. First place will take home $500 provided there are at least 50 players. Payouts for other places as well. The Legion is located 3016 Muscatine Avenue in Iowa City.

* * *

This little announcement above offers me the opportunity to talk about fundraising. As you probably know, theaters survive because of the generosity of their patrons. Ticket sales never completely cover a theater's expenses. For that to work, ticket prices would fly through the roof. So all the theaters in Iowa City count on you, the theatergoer, for your genorosity and support. If you can, take a minute today to send a check to one or two of the theaters on the link list to your right. Or if you want to be really bold, send a little bit to all of them. We're lucky to have so many great theater companies. Please support them in whatever way you can.

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