Friday, August 29, 2008

No Shame Theatre will go on!

UI - No Shame Theatre will return this fall despite the fact that the University of Iowa's Theatre Building is still closed due to flooding. They have a new home in Public Space One at 115 E. Washington Street. The first show will be Friday, September 5th. The cost is still just a dollar.

"Now that No Shame is downtown, you can see the show and still go out with your friends after!" says one unnamed No Shame organizer. "Or better yet, you can perform in the show and go out with your friends after!"

The concept of No Shame is they provide a space for 15 short theatrical pieces every Friday night at 11 pm. You never know what you will get. Sometimes it's a bunch of crap. And sometimes it's earth shatteringly brilliant. Most times, it's somewhere in between.

Many local theatre artists spent time presenting their work at No Shame, including this writer. My wife and I still every once in a while reference a No Shame piece from way back when, perhaps shouting "Hey, you kids, get off of my lawn!" or "He's waiting for Godot... to leave." And then there was Naked Cops, a police skit that completely ignored the fact that every actor was naked. What guts those people had to be naked on stage with, well, completely average bodies. Of course, I'm old. The skits I'm referencing are from 1993. But it remains a great theatre tradition that began in Iowa City in 1986 and has spread across the country.

The rules of No Shame:

-Pieces must be original.
-Pieces must not damage the space or its occupants.
-Pieces MUST be five minutes or LESS.

For a history of No Shame Theatre, go here.

I recommend you check it out if you've never been. In fact, I am thinking I might stop by next Friday to see what craziness the kids are up to these days.

--Matt Falduto

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