Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The cast list for Hair

TCR - TCR announced the cast for Hair today. The show opens May 1st. TCR Artistic Director Leslie Chariper will direct the show with music direction from Janelle Lauer of SPT Theatre. Analia Alegre-Femenias will create the choreography.

None of which answers the question we're all dying to know...will we see nudity on the TCR stage?

Cast in alphabetical order:

Jared Anson – Tribe *
Tim Arnold – Claude
Charles Barnes – Tribe *
Kory Bassett – Hud
Ryan Foizey – Tribe *
Staisha Federick – Tribe *
Christina Gulick– Jeanie
Brooke Harlander – Crissy
Sarah Hinzman – Tribe *
Sarah Jarmon – Tribe *
Jim Kropa – Berger
Kelsey Madsen – Sheila
Anderson Lamp – Woof
Krista Neumann – Tribe *
Janda Pino – Tribe *
Alicia Strong – Dionne

* Unnamed tribe members will be assigned named characters and roles at the first read-through.

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