Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paid Improvisational Acting Opportunity

UI - We received this notice of a paid acting gig. Check it out!

Professors Jay Christensen-Szalanski and Lon Moeller of the College of Business are making another collection of ten videos for a digital book on management. They will pay $75 per hour for acting talent, provide prominent listing of the talent in the book credits, and provide talent with a digital of the video. Filming will occur in April and early May. If you are interested please read the following and contact

Pay = $75 for one hour per actor/actress to a maximum of three people per scene. You will be paid in cash at the time of the filming.

Task: Portray a problem that you or someone you know experienced in any business setting (see examples below). Talent will be responsible for developing a rough script of the scene. We will help you develop the characters during the filming session. Improvisation skills are important since the dialogue will be mostly improvised not memorized. We are interested in conveying a candid “news” feel rather than a staged Hollywood feel. Typical scenes will be about 4 minutes long. Filming usually consists of 3 takes that are completed in one enjoyable hour. We prefer that you arrange for the other talent in your scene. However, let us know if you have an idea for a scene and need a partner, or if you want to act in someone else’s scene. Depending upon the scene we can arrange for the setting to film in. However, we will pay an additional $30 if you can arrange for your own setting.

Some sample scene ideas:

Supervising a problem employee (e.g. lazy, unfriendly, obnoxious, gossipy).

Working with a problem co-worker or someone who just doesn’t fit in.

Working for an undesirable or unappreciative boss.

Encountering a difficult customer.

Encountering a useless bureaucrat.

Complaining to an employee about a flawed product or service that they provided you, the customer.

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