Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bakers Wife opens tomorrow

ICCT - The bickering residents of a small Provencal town at last find peace and contentment in the heavenly bread of the newly arrived baker and his attractive young wife. But when she is lured away by the attentions of a handsome young gigolo, the middle-aged baker loses all zest for life and baking, throwing the community into chaos. An old world charm permeates every moment of this bittersweet, wise and gently offbeat fable of life, love and bread by Joseph Stein (Fiddler On The Roof) and Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin). Based on a film by Marcel Pagnol and Jean Giono, The Baker’s Wife stirs with the quiet sophistication of the European cinema. Schwartz is at his romantic best in this rich, melodic, French inflected score containing ballads of breathtaking beauty and spirited comic numbers.

ICCT's version stars Ken Van Egdon as the Baker. You may remember him The Foreigner, where he played Froggy. Other actors include: Claire Barnhart, TJ Besler, Rachel Brown, Kevin Burford, Alicia Cady, Anamaria dela Cruz, Kait Davids, Chuck Dufano, Al Kittrell, Bryan Lawler, Jeff Mead, Deone Pedersen, Scott Riley, Brittney Swensen, Angelique Van Dorpe, Jill Van Dorpe, Rex Van Dorpe, Teresa Wagner and Dylan Wheeler. The show is directed by Josh Sazon, who has directed many shows for ICCT, Dreamwell and City Circle.

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