Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dreamwell's looking for actors and vaudevillians

Dreamwell - Dreamwell Theatre will hold auditions for The Drag by Mae West Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19 at the First Baptist Church, 500 North Clinton St. Iowa City (between Fairchild and Church).

The Drag is the story of Rolly Kingsbury’s failing marriage to Clair, his past secret affair with David Caldwall, his growing lust for Allen Grayson and his affiliation with the very "out" drag community. The show culminates in a drag ball where almost anything could happen — and just might (depending upon who auditions). The play is set in 1927 and opened to to an “avalanche of condemnation,” as one Mae West biographer put it. By giving gay characters a voice, West argued that homosexuality had no class identification and challenged social mores on the subject.

The production promises to be challenging and rewarding as the entertainment at the drag ball is unscripted. Chuck Dufano, the director, plans to incorporate dance, music and songs of the time as well as any other vaudevillian type of talent that presents itself at auditions.

Performances will be June 19, 20, 26, 27 at the Unitarian Universalist Society.

Auditions will consist of a cold script reading. A prepared song is preferable for those wanting to sing. A pianist will be available and some sheet music of the time period. You are also welcome to showcase any other talent you may have (juggling, comic routine, dance, trained animals, magic, etc.).

• not all parts are drag roles or require singing
• women will be considered for male drag roles
• auditioning in drag is not required
• if you have other commitments in early June, we will consider some performers for only the drag ball provided you can make tech week and performances
• copy of script is available at the Iowa City Public Library

Dr. James Richmond
Barbara Richmond
Judge Robert Kingsbury
Rolly Kingsbury
Allen Grayson
David Caldwell
Various drag performers (Clem, The Duchess, Winnie, etc.)

For more information, email the director, call 319-541-0140 or go to

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