Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Theatre in Amana

ITAC and Old Creamery - Both professional theaters in Amana have shows opening this weekend. Old Creamery has The Odd Couple by Neil Simon while Iowa Theatre Artists Company offers Squabbles by Marshal Karp.

ITAC's website offers a description of the lesser known Squabbles.

Jerry Sloan is a successful writer of advertising jingles married to Alice, an equally successful lawyer. Living with the happy couple is the not-so-happy Abe Dreyfus, Jerry's curmudgeon of a father-in-law. Abe's presence turns the young couple’s lives slightly upside down, but it is not until Jerry's mother Mildred is added to the household mix, that the recipe for disaster boils over. Strong-willed Mildred and the equally strong-willed Abe form a mutual animosity society that provides plenty of complications as well as lots of laughter. Meg Merckens and Patrick O’Brien team up in this wonderful comedy to play two cantankerous senior citizens forced to move into the home of her son and his daughter, with one hilarious confrontation after another.

Of course, most everyone has heard of The Odd Couple, one of Neil Simon's most popular comedies. Oscar Madison with his beer drinking, poker playing buddies and Felix Unger with his neat-freak ways, will take the stage this weekend. The cast includes Old Creamery favorites Sean McCall as Felix and Tom Milligan as Oscar, with local radio personalities Dennis Green, of Jazz 88.3 KCCK-FM, as Roy; and Ric Swann of Schulte & Swann morning show on Z102.9, as Murray. Joe Jennison of the Cultural Corridor Alliance will portray yet another poker player, while two other Old Creamery Company favorites, Jackie McCall and Deborah Kennedy will play the Pigeon Sisters, Cecily and Gwendolyn. Rounding out the cast is Old Creamery regular Steve Weiss, as Vinnie.

Check out Amana for some great theatre!

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