Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dreamwell announces cast for Stuff Happens

Iowa City - Dreamwell Theatre announces the cast for David Hare’s Stuff Happens, a political (recent) history play exploring the often notorious events and decisions that led to the war in Iraq. Ryan Foizey directs. Performances will be April 8, 9, 15, 16 at the Unitarian Society building in Iowa City.

The "Actor(s)" - Justin Mangrich* and Tracy Schoenle*
George W. - Justin Braden
Colin Powell - Kevin Moore
Tony Blair - Rob Merritt
Condoleezza Rice (Condi) - Nicole Reedy
Dick Cheney - Brian Tanner
Donald Rummsfeld (Rummy) - Scott Strode
Paul Wolfowitz (Wolfie) - Mark Nidey*
Hans Blix - Alex Schulte*
Kofi Annan - Kobi E. Reese Sr.*

The Company:
Meg Dobbs
Beverly Mead
Ariane Parkes-Perret
Jordan Running
Aaron Brewer
Roxy Running
Paul Freese

Name*= Also a member of the company.

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