Tuesday, March 22, 2011

People needed for Key of Gee: The Musical

Iowa City - This isn't something we'd normally put on the blog, but the idea just sounds so interesting. So check it out if you're interested...

A team of scientists develops a machine, Key of Gee (played by a chorus), which was created to translate indecent phrases into something morally acceptable for all ages. When Key of Gee fails to operate, the scientists throw it away. It’s discovered by Jo, a former member of the band The Stinking Meemies, who is struggling with her solo musical career in the shadow of her more famous bandmate, Anna.

This short, humorous musical (about 30 minutes) will be performed on Saturday, April 16th as part of the University of Iowa Craft Critique Cultural Conference.

Two lead actors:
* Jo, a singer who has recently been kicked out of her band
* Anna, the other band member, who now has a successful solo career
One supporting actor:
* Sandra, a devious personal fitness trainer

8 to 13 chorus members to perform two to three short, original songs while pretending to be elements of a machine. Chorus members also have some spoken lines in the play.

A percussionist with shakers, washboard or other instrument(s)

1-2 other instrumentalists not including piano

Someone with silkscreening equipment

1-2 tech/support people

A stage manager

All actors should be willing to sing and perform simple, choreographed dances. People of all ages, genders, and abilities are welcome!

* 10 hours per week (or fewer) until April 16, 2011
* The day of April 16th from 2-6 pm

None, just taking part in the U of Iowa Craft Critique Culture Conference. This performance will also be listed as part of the ACE Experiment Dance Festival.

PLEASE CONTACT: Rae Winkelstein, rae-winkelstein@uiowa.edu

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