Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Ain’t your Grandma’s Bingo

Iowa City - Working Group Theatre presents the second installment of Bingo Bedlam – a show that combines the best of Improv Comedy with Bingo. On Sunday March 6, at 7:30 pm at Riverside Theatre (213 N. Gilbert St, next to the Bluebird Diner). Tickets are only $5. Beer and wine are available for purchase with proper ID.

Every ball that drops triggers a random scene that the improvisers must create on the spot while the audience members compete for prizes. Part of a new monthly series by Working Group Theatre, this month’s show features Luke Schares, Colin Delaney, John Kaufmann, Brynn Hambly and Martin Andrews. “It really is bedlam. Every number triggers a new combination of games and scenes. So we might be singing one minute and doing some Kabuki dance the next,” says Bingo Bedlam founder, John Kaufmann.

Bingo Bedlam brings together the hilarity of improv comedy with the level of audience involvement usually found only in sports. Kaufmann, originally a game developer for Cranium Games, says, "It's frenetic on stage and off. We're jumping around, sweating, sometimes even singing with each ball that drops, and the tension keeps growing until somebody in the audience yells 'BINGO!’”.

Working Group Theatre is an award-winning theatre company formed by MFA graduates of the University of Iowa. They are currently the Company in Residence at Iowa City's Riverside Theatre. For more information about this show and others by Working Group Theatre, go to

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