Monday, May 30, 2011

Cast chosen for Dreamwell's Soldier's Daughter

Iowa City - Dreamwell's final 'War and Consequences' show has been cast. Soldier's Daughter, written by members of the Black Doggers playwriting group, will be presented at Country Camp, a farm a short ways outside of Iowa City in July. The play will be performed promenade-style, moving from location-to-location around the delightful spaces on the farm. Dreamwell founder Matthew Falduto directs.


DAD – Brian Tanner
TIGERLILY – Makayla Phillips
3 BIRDS – Thalia Heinrich, Grace Heller, Lizzie Carrell
ARIA – Lindsay Eaves
CORAL – Nika Tipsword
EROS – Brad Quinn
PYSCHE – Elizabeth Breed
MOOSE 1 – Mark Nidey
MOOSE 2 – James Anderson
SARAH – Jessica Murillo
HOPE – Mary Vander Weg
COUSIN – Chad Keitel
GYPSY– Ellen Stevenson
GRANDPA – Mark Nidey
TIGER – John Crosheck
BOY – Jakob McLaughlin
2 PIRATES – Brad Quinn, Chad Keitel
3 SAILORS – Mark Nidey, James Anderson, Nika Tipsword
MOTHER – Lindsay Eaves

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