Friday, June 17, 2011

So whatcha doing this weekend?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record... wait, do people even understand that reference anymore? Is there a more appropriate adage for 2011? At the risk of sound like a re-tweeted re-tweet?

Let's go with that.

At the risk of sounding like a re-tweeted re-tweet... there's a lot of theatre in the area this weekend. At the Englert, you can check out the talent of the youth in our community by experiencing City Circle's West Side Story. The Romeo and Juliet story set in 1950s, this musical features some of the all time classic songs like "Somewhere", "Tonight" and "Something's Coming."

In Anamosa, they're offering a much more modern show - None of the Above by Jenny Lyn Bader. She's a poor little rich girl; he's likes the count the number of words in the sentences he hears. They're made for each other, right? Check it out at Starlighters.

And of course, if theatre in the great outdoors is your raison d'ĂȘtre, Riverside's Shakespeare Festival opens tonight with Ah Wilderness! No, it was not written by Shakespeare, but if you're wondering why they've ventured off the Avon path, go here for an explanation from one of Riverside's founders. And then get your tickets and get down to City Park for the show.

The Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre opens Candide tonight. The operetta, based on the novella by Voltaire, is a witty musical romp through a classic story. I know you've always thought in the back of your mind... I really ought to check out the opera. Now's your chance!

And last but not least of the shows opening this weekend, ITAC is bringing back The Lady with All the Answers. Who didn't read Ann Landers' column? For whatever reason, I always liked it better than Dear Abby. Meg Merckens embodies the advice columnist is this excellent production.

Continuing this week: Remain True and GI Jukebox.

So get out there and experience live theatre!

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