Thursday, August 11, 2011

Casts for Superior Donuts and Damn Yankees

Cedar Rapids - Theatre Cedar Rapids has announced the casts of its next two shows: Superior Donuts by Tracy Letts and Damn Yankees, book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop, music and lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. TCR describes Damn Yankees as "Faust meets professional baseball." The lesser known Superior Donuts is "a heart-warming and humorous tale of unlikely friendships in one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods." Superior Donuts opens September 23 in TCR's Grandon Studio. Damn Yankees is in the main auditorium beginning October 7.

Cast for Superior Donuts:

Nathan Bowden - Kevin
Nicolette Coiner-Winn - Randy
Scott Davidson - Luther
Brandon McDaniel - Franco
BJ Moeller - Lady
Steve Weiss - Arthur
Ward Grant - James
Steve Worthington - Max

Cast for Damn Yankees:

Greg Smith - Joe Boyd (Old Joe)
Janelle Steichen - Meg Boyd
Mike Wilhelm - Applegate
Jordan Hougham - Lola
Mike Cervantes - Van Buren
Casey Prince - Joe Hardy (Young Joe)
Susan Scharnau - Gloria
Rick Swan - Welch/Husband
Tracie Hodina - Doris
Stephanie Shaffer Martinez - Sister
Carol White - Wife/Various Roles
Rick Titus - Husband/Various Roles
Doug Jackson - Husband/Various Roles
Randal Jones - Husband/Various Roles
Aaron Canterbury - Ballplayer/Eddie
Brian Glick - Ballplayer
Danny Mulka - Ballplayer
Jay Burken - Ballplayer
Matt Russell - Ballplayer
Ryan Watters - Ballplayer
Zach Johnson - Ballplayer
Zach Parker - Ballplayer

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