Friday, December 9, 2011

Actors needed

Iowa City - Interested in a unique acting experience? Megan Werner Gerhardt is putting together a research project that requires four actors - two male and two female. One of each gender needs to clearly look "young" (say late 20's or so), while the other 2 need to clearly look "older" (think gray haired).

The actors would be asked to "teach" a 15 minute class that would be taped. The script would be identical across actors, and to the extent possible, every thing other than age and gender should be as consistent as possible--non verbals, "teaching" ability, etc. We are going to ask students to rate each "class" on a number of dimensions, and are interested in seeing if Generation Y assesses age as an asset or detriment in a professor, and whether this varies by gender.

If you're interested in this experience, email Megan at

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