Thursday, January 26, 2012

Auditions for Baby With the Bathwater

Dreamwell - Auditions for Baby With the Bathwater will be held February 11th at 7pm in Meeting Room D of the Iowa City Public Library, and again on February 13th at 2pm in Meeting Room A.

Baby With the Bathwater is a comedy about the emotionally crippling effects of bad parenting. Performances begin April 20th. Rachael Lindhart directs.

Cast needs are as follows:

2 Men: John, the father, going from his mid 20s to mid 50s--an addictive personality.

Daisy, the child--portrayed from infancy to toddler offstage; we first see him fully as a 17-year old and follow him through his 30th birthday. He has been dressed as a girl until this time and that has played havoc with his psyche--to say the least. He is listed in the cast list as "The Young Man."

4 Women: Helen, the mother, also going from mid 20s to mid 50s--a would-be writer who admires Judtih Krantz very much.

Nanny: A crazy version of a child-rearing expert; she is in her mid to late 30s and then is about 65 when we see her at the end of the play.

Kate and the Principal: Kate is a concerned mother interacting with Daisy and Helen on the playground; the same actress will play the Principal who espouses the worst trends in modern education. Age can be variable, from 20s to 40s.

Angela and Miss Pringle: Angela is another mother interacting on the playground; again the same actress will play Miss Pringle, who is Daisy's concerned teacher. She is probably a bit younger than the Principal, but age can still vary from late 20s to late 30s.

Cynthia and Susan: Again, these roles are to be played by the same actress. These two characters are perhaps the most sympathetic in the play. Both are in their mid to late 20s. Cynthia is quite pregnant when we first see her but not so much later; she would probably make a good mother if she could solve some of life's practical problems. Susan, whom we meet late in the play, is also going to be a great mother--because she has reasoning faculties.

Rachael's Note: In the original production(s) the roles of Nanny, Kate, the Principal, Cynthia, Angela, Miss Pringle and Susan were all played by only two actresses. I intend to double the roles as above, adding two more actresses to the mix and, hopefully, giving sharper and more specific edges to these characters.

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