Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Cast List

TCR - TCR has announced its cast for Alice in Wonderland, a new adaptation of the Lewis Carroll's classic tale, adapted by Jason Alberty and directed by Leslie Charipar.

Actress #4 – The Caterpillar/7 of Spades - Theresa Alt
Actor #1 – Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll (Knave)- Andrew Clancey
Actress #5-The Cheshire Cat/Ace of Spades/Executioner - Amanda M. Eulberg
Actor #2-Mad Hatter (Manly) - Andy Lesieur
Actor #3-Dormouse (The Guinea Pig Sasha)/5 of Spades - Skylar Matthias
White Rabbit - Arjun Palaniappan
Actress #3-The Queen of Hearts - Mary Pat Schulte
Actor #4-The March Hare (Crazy Squirrel)/2 of Spades - James E. Trainor III
Actress #1-Alice Liddell - Victoria Virag
Actor #5-The King - Steve Worthington

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