Monday, February 13, 2012

SPT offers Monopoly this weekend only

SPT - "We are now in the age of acquisition. For some reason gain equals status. We must have what we want, and the chase is no longer the ends, but the means to have more than others."

SPT Theatre is in the midst of their "Games People Play" season. Previous shows this season were inspired by the classic games Twister and Trivial Pursuit. Running just two nights, February 17 and 18, SPT will next present an evening of music and sketches inspired by the granddaddy of all board games, Monopoly.

At this blog, we've been encouraging you to check out one of their shows for a while now. Reviewer Sarah Jarmon summed up the experience well last November: "A sketch show feel spliced with powerhouse vocal performances and a comfortable lack of barriers between the audience and the performers makes this somewhat expensive ticket well worth the admission price."

SPT performs at CSPS (1103 Third St SE) in Cedar Rapids. You can get tickets here.

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