Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Going out to the theatre, we hope! Here's our weekly roundup:

@TCR: Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

(2nd weekend; review here)

"During a wedding reception, five reluctant, identically clad bridesmaids hide out in an upstairs bedroom, each with her own reason to avoid the proceedings below, in this wickedly funny and touching celebration of the women's spirit."

Script by Alan Ball; directed by Angie Toomsen.

Location: Grandon Studio
Time: 7:30 Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 2:30 Sunday (Saturday sold out)
Price: $20/$17.50 ($15 Youth)

@Old Creamery: The Gin Game

(2nd weekend; review here)

"Two nursing home residents strike up an acquaintance and enjoy each other's company. Over a series of games of Gin, they engage in conversations about their families and their lives. What starts as fun soon turns into a battle with both players trying to humiliate the other and expose their weaknesses."

Script by D. L. Coburn; directed by Deborah Kennedy.

Location: Studio Stage, Old Amana Middle School
Time: 3:00 Thursday and Sunday, 7:30 Friday and Saturday
Price: $16.50 - $25.50

@Dreamwell: Baby With the Bathwater

" 'This laugh out loud comedy fits well with our theme about personal identity,' says director Rachael Lindhart, 'This was actually the second show Dreamwell ever produced, and it’s high time for a revival. Baby With the Bathwater is a dark comedy about how difficult it is to be a parent, and how scary it is to be a baby and a child. The play is written in an absurdist, playful style and, for its dark topic, has a hopeful ending.' "

Script by Christopher Durang; directed by Rachael Lindhart

Location: Unitarian Universalist Society (10 S Gilbert St)
Time: 7:30 Friday and Saturday
Price: $10

@Eulenspiegel: Coyote Sings

"In this Native American story, Coyote, the crazy buffoon, tries desperately to learn a song. This combined with his bungling attempts to hunt for food and impress all his neighbors with his personal skills makes for hilarious slapstick. Southwest motifs and designs and Mexican folk tunes add atmosphere to the story."

By guests artists Magical Moonshine Theatre.

Location: New Strand Theatre
Time: 2:00 & 4:00 Sunday
Price: $5

@Starlighters: Self-Help for Dummies

"When a self-absorbed psychologist is late for work the ever-growing collection of 'mixed-nuts' in his waiting room begin to interact… with hilarious results. A hilarious comedy from two of Canada’s funniest playwrights."

By Todd McGinnis and T. Gregory Argall; directed by Rick Sanborn.

Location: Starlighters Mainstage
Time: 7:30 Friday & Saturday, 2:00 Sunday
Price: $13 ($12 Seniors & Students)

@3Bros: Red

"Picture Mark Rothko. The Seagram Murals. Eastern Iowa premiere. This two-person play will leave you speechless as Rothko and his assistant sling paint, accusations, and integrity against the wall to see what sticks. Set from 1958-1959, the show chronicles Rothko’s process of painting the Seagram murals, a series originally commissioned for a New York restaurant."

By John Logan; directed by Josh Beadle

Location: The Cherry Building (329 10th Ave SE in Cedar Rapids)
Time: 8:00 Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Price: $10

College Corner
School: Iowa State University
Show: Rent by Jonathan Larson
Location: Fisher Theatre
Time: 7:30 Friday & Saturday, 2 Sunday
Price: $21 ($16 Students)

School: Cornell College
Show: Defying Gravity by Jane Anderson
Location: Kimmel Theatre
Time: 7:30 Friday & Saturday, 2 Sunday

... so get out to the theatre!

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