Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Parallel Lives Opens May 18

Fourth Room - Parallel Lives is a two-woman show by Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy, based on their "Kathy and Mo Show". Fourth Room's production, starring Ottavia De Luca and Rachel Korach Howell, opens this weekend at the Sycamore Mall in Coralville.

This is the young company's second production, following a successful run of Patrick Marber's Closer in December. Parallel Lives is a clever, fast-paced comedy that will also make you think.

From the press release:

De Luca and Howell play nearly 25 characters in this "dramatic, comedic and romantic romp [that] will leave the audience bending-over laughing and shoulder-shaking crying. The characters in the scenes range from Jersey teenagers to country western barflies to celestial beings postulating whether the man or woman should be lucky enough to give birth."

Parallel Lives runs May 18 - 20 (7:30 Friday & Saturday, 2:00 Sunday) at the Sycamore Mall in Coralville. Tickets are $12; pick them up at the door or email info@fourthroomtheatre.com for reservations.

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