Monday, November 26, 2012

Audition for Iowa Playwrights Workshop -- Mold

Iowa City - "Iowa Playwrights Workshop member seeks an actress to premiere a role in Mold, a one-act play that performs Feb. 21-24th through University of Iowa Theater Arts Department’s gallery season. Rehearsals will begin between Jan. 18th- 21st. Auditions will be at the UI Theater Building (200 North Riverside Drive) in room 170 from 6 pm to 9 pm on Friday, Nov. 30th. The role is for Gert, an off-kilter, spunky 65-year-old cleaning woman who is physically falling apart. Mold is best described as horror/dark comedy. It's about a girl who escapes a bad relationship by moving to Madison, Wisconsin for med school and ends up at war with her abusive apartment. We are interested in anybody who can play an older woman.

More info:
Gert, 65. Foul-mouthed, jowl-faced. She wears dirty mismatched socks with sandals and yellow latex gloves.

Jess has serious problems. Her apartment is dirty. Very dirty. And Gert, the decrepit cleaning woman, is not helping. Also, Jess has to deal with Rick, the repairman who breaks things. If only Jess could get her bathroom sparkling clean, she might be able to finally talk to her laundromat crush, Trevor. But as her failed attempts to clean her apartment lead to increasingly violent impulses, she is forced to confront her own psychic dirt.

There’s no compensation, but this will be a fun experience and the opportunity to premiere a role. It’s being directed by Katarzyna Plazinska, a film/theater director from Poland."

(source: Deborah Yarchun -- contact for more information)

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