Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Indiegogo Campaign for Free Shakespeare Production

Iowa City - Fourth Room Theatre has announced a campaign to raise money to allow audiences to see Shakespeare's Cymbeline for free. From Fourth Room Member K. Michael Moore:

"Hello friends!

Fourth Room Theatre has embarked on a new and exciting challenge. We're doing Shakespeare's Cymbeline in the last two weeks of May! A lot of people don't know this play: it's a fun fairy tale that pulls from the Bard's other masterpieces and weaves them together in a brand new, magical way. Gods, fighting, love, evil potions, identity switches, a complex plot filled with some of Shakespeare's most beautiful (and least known) language.

Even more exciting than that, we have decided to try something new to the Eastern Iowa Area - we're going to try to put this production together totally free to the audience!

That's right, no tickets to buy. Outdoor, free Shakespeare in the heart of Iowa City. We'd love to be able to make this happen every year, too.

Now, theatre is expensive. This is non-profit theatre, but it still costs money. Equipment, costumes, weapons to rent... to make it free for the community, our little company could really use your help. Please check out the link below and consider contributing to our Indigogo campaign to raise funds to bring this amazing, super cool Shakespearean fairy tale to life, free for the community. Even if you're not able to give money right now, please spread the word using your Twitter, Facebook, etc - please spread the word and help us bring in help from as many people as possible. And of course, please watch our website and come see the show!"

Indiegogo page here

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