Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Five Husbands Opens July 19

Iowa City - "My Five Husbands is the winning play of the 2013-2014 season Writer’s Joust. My Five Husbands by Joe Jennison and directed by Meg Dobbs will be performed at the East Side Recycling Center at 2401 Scott Boulevard in Iowa City on July 19 and 20 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $13 regular and $10 students/seniors.

The play fits well as part of Dreamwell's themed season Ovation: A Season of Women's Words. Jennison’s play celebrates a woman–one Wilder Rose Still. Quickly approaching 40 and hesitant about dating anyone new for fear they might be after her money, Wilder decides to put together a pool of possible choices, gathered from a review of her past relationships–so we meet George, her former live-in partner who shares history; Bill, a former boyfriend who is always a good time; Ernie, another former boyfriend with lots of sex appeal; Langston, another ex with a literary bent; and Joe, her gay best friend. The audience is involved in helping her review these choices as she seeks to weigh each one’s appeal. The play is heavily influenced by Thornton Wilder with references to his great novel, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, as well as his stage works. The playwright calls it “an interactive comedy about a woman who makes an impact by daring to write her own future." Previous playwriting contest winners were Tom Deiker’s Innocence and Amy White’s World’s Teeniest.

The cast list is as follows:

Wilder – Diviin Huff
George – Jeff Emrich
Joe – Joseph C. Anderson
Ernie – Jordan Running
Bill – Brian Tanner
Langston – Ken Van Egdon"

(Source: Dreamwell Newsletter)

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