Saturday, October 12, 2013

Birth Witches at Riverside

Iowa City – "In Jennifer Fawcett’s new play, BIRTH WITCHES, it’s 1606 and the witch craze has come to London. Superstition, science, politics, religion and tradition clash in the birthing room as male doctors fight to replace female midwives. This world premiere blends elements of drama and satire, exploring the politics of birth that began over 400 years ago and continues today. Directed by guest artist Leda Hoffmann and a co-production with Cornell College.

Shows run at Riverside Theatre, Thursday – Sunday, October 18 – November 3, 2013. Tickets: Adults, $25-30; Youth/Student Rush, $15. More information at, or by calling the Riverside Theatre Box Office, 319-338-7672. Riverside Theatre is located at 213 N. Gilbert Street, Iowa City, Iowa.

About the Play

Jennifer Fawcett’s new play, Birth Witches, explores issues of gender roles and power as the rise of physicians bring traditional folk medicine and the role of midwives into question during the historical setting of 1606 London, when King James I of England ruled the throne and witch trials were spreading across Europe. The dramatic scenes of the production are intertwined with theatrical elements including large puppets and a Greek-style chorus.

“I don't know if there is a way to separate politics from birth; it is literally a life and death subject and we cannot divorce our emotions and beliefs from that, nor should we. That said, I hope that by being set in the past, and by using humor and pathos, the play is able to offer some perspective to the politics of birth that are present today.” –playwright Jennifer Fawcett

Every two years, Riverside Theatre partners with Cornell College on a production that shares artistic resources as well as a cast of both seasoned professionals and young actors. This is proudly the tenth collaboration since 1996. Riverside Theatre actors include Tim Budd, Ron Clark, Jody Hovland and guest artist Jaclyn June Johnson."

(Source: Riverside Theatre Press Release)

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