Friday, December 6, 2013

The Emperor's New Clothes at ICCT

Nicole DeSalle, Trent Yoder, and
Carl Brown
Iowa City - Tom ‘Tink” Bell is the town crier, not a boo hoo crier, but a yoo hoo crier. Unfortunately he’s prone to making mistakes, and when he accidentally announces that celebrations for the Emperor Persimmon the 12th’s birthday will take place every Friday, sure enough the emperor insists that that is what must happen. Soon the town is on the brink of bankruptcy from the cost of all the festivities, and two tricksters, Sly and Wily, have convinced the emperor to spend even more money on a new outfit that they claim only very intelligent and powerful people can see.

Sly and Wily have also tricked Jack into parting with his beloved cow in exchange for five magic beans, but can Jack save the town by retrieving the gold at the top of the beanstalk? And what will happen when the Emperor appears in his new “birthday suit”? David Foxton’s play for children merges two popular pantomimes with hilarious results and plenty of audience participation.

The Emperor's New Clothes opens Dec. 6 and runs through Dec 15 at Iowa City Community Theatre.

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