Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fundraiser for Fourth Room's Free Shakespeare Production

Iowa City - Last year, Fourth Room Theatre, with the help of our great volunteers and donors, mounted our first annual free outdoor classics production, William Shakespeare's Cymbeline. It was a success!

Cymbeline helped us bring new audience members to theater - many of whom went from seeing our show to seeing other shows in the area. Some even joined up and now volunteer themselves. We received wonderful feedback and praise that our show made Shakespeare fun and accessible to many people who hadn't ever enjoyed it before. And many lauded the whole experience - theater under the sun and stars - as magical.

Free classics make our vibrant cultural area even brighter!

This year, we plan to continue this community tradition with our second installment - Shakespeare's beloved romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing! With Much Ado, we hope to further grow our audience and support for this idea. A free production every year.

See the Indiegogo video here.

Many culturally vibrant communities around the nation enjoy the power and beauty of Shakespeare, out-of-doors and free to the public...New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Omaha, DC, to name a few. A free classics program allows us to work with more members of the community who just need that little bit of extra incentive to try theater, in addition to the die hard theater fans. It allows us to create and continue a unique dialogue that branches out, year after year, farther and farther into our community.

Please donate today to help fund our second annual free classic, Much Ado About Nothing! With your help, this production will be as magical as the first, and will draw even more people into the world of theater and the classics.


Source: Fourth Room Theatre

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