Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Was the Word" September 21

Iowa City - "As the fall season sweeps right into Iowa City without much warning and temperatures begin to drop, things at Was the Word are just heating up!

This Sunday at 7PM marks the very first show of our brand new season, and we've rounded up the usual scaramouches, singers, and storytellers to kick it off.

Join Megan Gogerty, Zora Hurst, Kate Hawbaker-Krohn, and Chris Okiishi as they weave through their own ideas of what it means to be Off the Map! We are also very pleased to bring the Slow Draws into the mix as the musical guests this month. As usual, there will be refreshments of both subdued and scintillating flavors. Bring your government-issued portrait if you're in the mood for beer or wine.

All proceeds this month will benefit Taproot, a local nature experience for the kiddos- You can find more information about this stellar program here:

If you really, REALLY like us, we encourage you to invite your friends, neighbors, and mortal foes (just to keep it interesting) via Facebook! You can find the event at this link:

And, don't forget! It's also Was the Word: After Dark's inaugural season at High Ground Cafe. Check out all of the open mic magic following our usual programming at the Englert. Rumor has it that there will be card tricks!

Again, feel free to share any of this with your buddies and speckle our Facebook wall with all of your past, present, and future WTW experiences! We love your pictures and videos!

Was the Word is a Working Group Theatre production and is supported by the amazing folks at Hancher Auditorium, The Iowa Arts Council, The Englert Theatre, Alan Swanson/Blank and McCune, and Meadowlark Psychiatric Services."

Source: Working Group Press Release)

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