Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dogs of Rwanda at the Englert

Iowa City - In the Raw returns to the Englert stage this Friday with Dogs of Rwanda.

Dogs of Rwanda is the story of David, a Midwestern teenager who travels to Uganda on a Christian missionary trip and finds himself on the border of Rwanda at the moment the country explodes in the 1994 Rwandan Civil War. Twenty years later when David releases a book about what happened on that trip, he gets a note from a friend that says, "You didn't tell them everything."

Sean Christopher Lewis' work as a monologist and storyteller have been featured on This American Life and honored with the Kennedy Center's Rosa Parks Award, the National New Play Network's Smith Prize, the Barrymore Award and more.

We're proud to be partnering with the Englert to present In the Raw. An incubator for new work, In the Raw features new plays performed with the audience on the stage. This is theatre that is immediate, engaging, and up close and personal.

Source: Working Group Theatre press release

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