Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TCR Announces Two Casts

Cedar Rapids - Theatre Cedar Rapids has announced the casts of A Chorus Line and Burnt Part Boys. One notable change with A Chorus Line is the character of Larry, Broadway director Zach's no-nonsense and authoritative assistant, has been changed to Laura. Set on the bare stage of a Broadway theatre during an audition for a musical, the show tells the story of several dancers who aspire to be on Broadway. All the performers come from different backgrounds and have varying abilities. In between learning audition steps, they each reveal their most personal stories in interviews with the director, Zach. A Chorus Line will be performed in the Main Auditorium. Directed by Angie Toomsen, with musical direction by Benjamin Schmidt and choreography by Aaron Canterbury. The show opens June 26.

The cast:

Janet Abejo (Connie)
Nick Arceo (Don)
Laura Blythe (Bebe)
Jay Burken (Greg)
Aaron Canterbury (Paul)
Jacob Hasley (Ensemble)
Annie Hawker (Laura*/Featured Ballet Dancer)
Erin Helm (Ensemble/Featured Ballet Dancer)
Jordan Hougham (Val)
Samie James (Judy)
Eric Johnson (Bobby)
Tevin Jones (Richie)
Elizabeth Kimmel (Ensemble)
K. Michael Moore (Zach)
Maddie Olsem (Maggie)
Carrie Pint (Kristine)
Abby Ralston (Diana)
Susan Scharnau (Sheila)
Bryce Spencer (Ensemble)
Michael Shea (Ensemble)
Jacob Stewart (Al)
Jake Stigers (Mike)
Amy Timperley (Ensemble)
Jon Turk (Mark)
Alisabeth Von Presley (Cassie)
Piper Wenzel (Ensemble/Featured Ballet Dancer)

The lesser known Burnt Part Boys will be performed in the Grandon Studio. Fourteen year-old Pete's fighting to claim his past. His older brother Jake's hoping to forge a future. With an eclectic band of friends teetering on the brink of adulthood, they've embarked on a life-altering journey to the coal mine that took their father's life. With its bluegrass and pop-inspired score, this inspirational new musical finds both the streaks of light and the heart of darkness within us all. Directed by Leslie Charipar with musical direction by  Janelle Lauer. The show opens June 19.

The cast:

Rob Beland (Miner)
Luke Brooks (Miner)
Dustin Davaldo (Jake)
Jon Day (Miner)
Conner Hurley (Dusty)
Daniel Kelchen (Miner)
Kyle Langhurst (Chet)
Melissa Tormene (Francis)
Brennan Urbi (Pete)

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