Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Go crackers for Nuncrackers

Old Creamery - Putting a special spin on the holidays at The Old Creamery Theatre in Amana, The Little Sisters of Hoboken opened Nuncrackers November 21st. Reverend Mother and her crew provide plenty of Christmas music, heart warming family entertainment, a unique rendition of The Nutcracker, and more laughs than you can shake a candy cane at.

Included in the cast is Marcia Hughes of Cedar Rapids, making her Old Creamery debut as Sister Hubert; Deborah Kennedy of East Amana as Sister Amnesia; Emily Bodkin, of East Freetown, Massachusetts as Sister Robert Anne; Marquetta Senters of Minneapolis as Reverend Mother; and Sean McCall of Marengo as Father Virgil.

Eight area youths, who will share roles, are also part of the cast and the fun during this year’s family friendly holiday show. Those are: Layton White of Cedar Rapids; Jesse Bruer of Williamsburg; Isabelle and Cameron Lande of Walford; Maggie Zehr of Victor; Grant Noyes of Marion; Kate Flaherty of Fairfax and Alyssa Woodward of Amana. Musical director for the production is Paul H. Dieke; choreographer is Sean McCall.

Director Tom Milligan said of the show, “The political season has given us all something to laugh about and the economic conditions have given us all something to cry about. Now, Nuncrackers will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry.”

The show runs through December 20. For tickets, go here.

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