Friday, November 14, 2008

Lear's Daughters opens tonight

Dreamwell - Dreamwell's final show of the 2008 season is Lear's Daughters examines, a show the the motivations and background of the three daughters of Shakespeare's King Lear. There's Goneril, the oldest, who is power hungry and stern. Regan, the middle sister, is passionate and wants to experience life. And the youngest, Cordelia, is bubbly and optimistic. All three sisters spend their days in a lonely tower with only a Fool and a Nurse (and each other) for company. The play delves into how the sisters deal with their isolation and the neglect of their parents. There's plenty of humor and pathos to be found in this rare gem of a play. Check it out this weekend or next. For more information or to reserve tickets, go here.

(Pictured from left to right are Emily Dokken, Becca Robinson, Deone Pedersen and Elisabeth Ross)


Anonymous said...

no article on this one?

Anonymous said...

No, but we will have a review! Check back after the weekend.

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