Monday, December 8, 2008

Small Miracles returns!

Riverside - Riverside Theatre presents Small Miracles, a reading of holiday memoirs by Ron Clark, December 13 and 14.

Small Miracles takes the audience on a journey of far-flung, heartfelt memories of growing up in a small Iowa town where the mayor/street cleaner doubled as Santa. Recollections include a courageous dog, an unforgettable silver bell and a terrifying audition for the fifth grade Christmas pageant.

"What it comes down to is that Christmas is my favorite holiday,” said Clark. “So it seems only natural that I should have a whole battery of stories about the amazing things that have happened to me around this time of year."

But according to Clark, this play is more than just amusing holiday anecdotes.

“This play is a gift that has allowed me to share the concept that miraculous events occur in every-day life,” said Clark. “It’s like taking a walk outside on a cold winter’s day and seeing huge fluffy snowflakes falling around you. I want this show to be a reminder to all of us that miracles happen every day.”

Small Miracles also includes music by Dan Knight, scenic design by Benjamin T. Schmidt, and lighting design by Brandin VerSteegh.

For tickets, go here.

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