Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Musical Weekend

There's a lot of great theatre available this weekend. Two very different musicals are opening. Beginning tonight, fans of the Disney movie High School Musical can see the stage version at TCR's Lindale space. For a look behind the scenes, check out this video.

Dreamwell's The Drag opens tomorrow. Written by Mae West, this play from the 20s the story of Rolly Kingsbury — a judge’s son and heir to the family ironworks business — whose marriage is crumbling around the secret of a past affair with a man, a budding interest in someone new, and an affiliation with a very “out” drag community. The play presents a fascinating, albeit “dated” by today’s perspectives, debate about homosexuality as the judge, a doctor and host of other characters weigh in on the situation. The Daily Iowan has an in depth article complete with video interviews of cast and crew members.

That's Eastern Iowa - from High School Musical to The Drag - we have it all.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you guys would cover it, but Thoroughly Modern Millie also opened tonight. The performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 730 and Sunday at 230 at the community theatre in Washington. It's directed by Ben Bentler and has quite a few people who are active in Iowa city community theatre in its cast.

Anonymous said...

We do not have Washington Community Theatre in our coverage area, but everyone at the Iowa Theatre Blog says "Break a leg!"

And if anyone who sees it wants to report back about the show, they should email us - perhaps we can post something on the blog.