Monday, May 23, 2011

Dreamwell seeks directors

Iowa City - Dreamwell Theatre is seeking directors for two of its 2011-12 season shows: Sans Merci by Johnna Adams and Bent by Martin Sherman. The artistic committee will meet with potential directors on June 20 and June 25. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your vision for the show. Interested directors should sign up for a slot through the Dreamwell website.

Dreamwell’s shows tend to focus more on character than setting. Directors should come prepared to explain how they will bring out these stories without relying on large sets or special effects and the like. Sans Merci is tentatively scheduled for February 10-18, 2012 and Bent is tentatively scheduled for June 1-9, 2012. The exact dates may change, but they should be in that general time period. Definite dates will be determined as soon as we can arrange that with the space. The shows are tentatively scheduled to be performed at the Unitarian space at 10 S. Gilbert.

Sans Merci is about a conservative woman who reaches out to the lover of her daughter, Tracy, who died in a vicious attack. The meeting between these two very strong and different woman is intense, as they dance through their mutual grief. Each learns more about Tracy, and about her violent death. Sans Merci is about the effect one person’s definition of self can have on another human being, and what we can teach each other.

Bent is the story of a man faced with the decision to live in his truth, even if it means sacrificing his own life. Max is a gay man in Nazi Germany who is sent to a concentration camp, where he finds a companion and lover, Horst. Horst demonstrates the dignity of a man who embraces who he is, even at the risk of his life. Through his example, Max must the strength to embrace his identity no matter the consequences.

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