Friday, July 8, 2011

Queen of Bingo filled with fun

by Meghan D'Souza

Amana - Generally, my idea of a good time would not be watching two ladies play Bingo. However, Krista Neumann and Marquetta Senters took a play based on this very idea and turned it into a fun-filled afternoon in The Queen of Bingo.

The set of the Old Creamery Theatre show was simple, with the ladies facing the audience from behind a card table set up just how you'd imagine they'd be at a church Bingo function. On the right, Neumann had a portable fan and variety of good luck knick-knacks including an 8-Ball. On the left, Senters emptied her pink bag full of good luck trolls in a specific order. They sat on chairs with brightly colored cushions under window panes and a sign pointing to the Boys Locker Room.

What made this play unique was not only the topic of Bingo, but how the actresses, playing sisters, kept the audience engaged and related Bingo to their personal lives. Instead of feeling like we were watching two people on stage, the energized twosome welcomed us into their world, making it feel like we were all a large group of friends sharing an experience. They gossiped about acquaintances and revealed
secrets about what playing Bingo really means to them. It isn't just a game.

Neumann pulled the audience in with her soft, but excited approach to the game and her surroundings. Senters exuded a bubbly persona the moment she stepped on stage, leaving the audience giggling with even the tiniest change in body language.

The talent shown with the strong bond between the two actresses, the great comedic timing, and the different look at the game of Bingo makes this play a must-see this summer.

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