Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

January's not quite over, and already we're waking up in pitch darkness, scraping ice off our windshields, and wondering if those New Year's resolutions are really going to stick. There's nothing quite like post-holiday blues, but luckily there's a great way to shake them...

... get out to the theatre!

Riverside Theatre is already breaking the ice with another side-splitting production of their popular comedy Guys on Ice: An Ice Fishing Musical Comedy. It's set in an ice-fishing shanty in Wisconsin, and is full of warm humor for the cold season. John Watkins, who plays Lloyd, calls it "a terrifically written show with fabulous music, a big heart, sidesplitting humor grounded in Ernie, Marvin and Lloyd's candid simplicity, and a halftime show where you can win prizes."

Or, if you're more comfortable sitting in a stately British Manor than being exposed to the elements, TCR's The Importance of Being Earnest might be more your speed. Just make sure your calling card has the right name printed on it; you wouldn't want to cause undue confusion.

Or, if student theatre is your cup of tea, the University of Iowa is presenting a brand-new play by Louisa Hill. It's called The Lord of the Underworld's Home for Unwed Mothers, and it's described as "a reimagining of the Demeter and Persephone myth set in the 1960s and 1990s that explores the politics of motherhood through a landscape of Catholicism, horticulture, and death metal."

And finally - included just for completeness as the tickets are already sold out - SPT has one more weekend of its hit music-and-comedy show at Brucemore, A Modern Salon. If you already have tickets, you're one of the lucky ones; congratulations, SPT and special guest Jeff Ircink, on a successful run!

Guys on Ice opened January 20th and runs until February 19th. Get tickets here.

The Importance of Being Earnest opens January 27th and runs until February 18th. Get tickets here.

The Lord of the Underworld's Home for Unwed Mothers opens January 27th and runs through January 29th at the UI Theatre Building (Theatre B). More information here.

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