Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hi Iowa Theatre Blog readers,

I started this blog on September 5th, 2007. In the past four and a half years, I have really enjoyed bringing attention to so much of the exciting theatre done in our little part of Iowa. However, it's time for me to step away. I will no longer be the editor in chief of this blog. It's been a lot of fun, but I need a break.

I've been joined these last four years by a talented group of reviewers who have expressed their opinions in a distinctly Iowan way. I think our philosophy of reviewing was best summed up by actress Lorin Ditzler, who wrote on her blog a number of years ago:

"...the Iowa Theatre blog ... manages to be insightful and honest without ever being mean, because this is Iowa and that's how we roll."

How true and one of the reasons I love this state. So here's to being insightfully honest! Our reviewers have done a great job critiquing and praising the work of our theatre artists. Thank you, all.

One reviewer in particular has stood out, not just for his excellent writing, but also because of all of the work he has done as my partner behind the scenes here at the Iowa Theatre Blog: James Trainor. And so it is with great confidence that I announce that James will take over the reins of the Iowa Theatre Blog. I am still going to help out in a limited capacity, but James will be the driving force moving forward. Thank you, James!

Finally, a special thank you to you, the readers who have enjoyed this blog over the years. I have truly appreciated your support. I hope you will continue to support James and the blog as it transitions.

See you at the theatre!

Matt Falduto


Brian said...

Thank you for all your work, Matt, in bringing this service and information to the theatre community and beyond. It definitely filled a much needed gap in local media, for which we could always count on getting a review of a show, background information, and a consolidated resource for auditions, performances, and theatres.
I can't tell you how often I've been in discussions with someone about getting into theatre or seeing more shows and I tell them that they just need to go to this blog.
I also appreciate your objectivity in bringing us the reviews and publicity of various events even if you might be involved with competing interests.
This blog has become a cornerstone of area theatre life and I thank you for creating it. Although he has some big shoes to fill I'm sure James is up to the task and wish both of you the best! :)

Chris Okiishi said...

It's the end of an era! Wow!

Thank you for your work and vision, Matt. You have created such a supportive, welcoming space. I look forward to its future and agree that James is a wonderful successor.

Cheers to you both.

And I agree with everything Brian wrote.

Goatsinger said...

Congratulations, Mr Trainor!

And Matt? Isn't about time for your nap?

Bonegrrl said...

Hear, hear, Brian, Chris and Mike! And if I'm not too much mistaken, Matt, we'll still be hearing quite a bit from you. I know that James' enthusiasm, wit and insight will continue to propel would-be Iowa thespians and theatre-goers from their couches to the multitude of stages and venues around town! Iowa Theatre Blog to Infinity and Beyond!!!