Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Auditions for Bent March 7 & 8

Dreamwell - Auditions for Martin Sherman's Bent will be held at the Iowa City Public Library on March 7th (6-9, Meeting Room C) and March 8th (6-8:30, Meeting Room E).

Scripts may be checked out from Iowa City Public Library. Auditions will consist of reading from the script. The show runs June 1-9 with rehearsals beginning April 22nd. Angie Toomsen directs.

Bent tells the story of homosexual men persecuted by the Third Reich of Germany. Roles are as follows:

Max, Age 34. An attractive gay man, brimming with confidence and sex appeal and appears to be intimidated by no-one. However beneath the brash surface lurks a quiet and loving person.

Rudy, Aged 22-28. The caring and loving partner to Max, who loves his home and yearns for a quiet life with Max. He is a dancer in a nightclub.

Horst, Age 22-28. A gay man already imprisoned in the concentration camp. A level headed and educated person who is strong willed and has a determination to survive.

Wolf / Kapo. A stereotypical ‘Aryan’ male. He is an officer in the SA. Rather gullible and easily swayed.

Uncle Freddie. A very well spoken and well dressed middle aged gay man who shows every sign of wealth and extravagance.

Greta (MALE). The middle aged transvestite owner of a cabaret club in Berlin. (sings)

Captain, Aged 28-35. The German ‘Aryan’ head of the concentration camp. Not a nice guy.

Lieutenant, Aged 28-35. A German ‘Aryan’ Lieutenant who is particularly keen on obeying every order with precision. Also, not a good guy.

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