Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Auditions for 6 Rms Riv Vu

Cedar Falls - "Oster Regent Theatre announces auditions for its upcoming production of 6 Rms Riv Vu

Auditions: May 21 & 27 @ 7pm
Rehearsals start later in June
Performances July 25, 26 & Aug 2, 3
Directed by: Joe Frenna

6 Rms Riv Vu derives its title from shorthand used by real estate agents in classified advertising. In this case a six-room apartment with a view of the Hudson River located on Manhattan's Riverside Drive serves as the comedy-drama's setting. Paul Friedman is a married advertising copywriter. Anne Miller is a discontented housewife and the two meet when they respond to a New York Time's listing for the available unit. They discover the door has been locked accidentally, trapping them inside, and a connection slowly develops as they begin to share the details of their respective lives. Jerry Orbach and Jane Alexander created the roles on Broadway for this Tony Award-winning play. Savor romance and comedy at its best in this summer treat.

"A sprightly, happy comedy of charm and humor." - New York Times

"Charming, sexy, romantic and funny." - Women's Wear Daily

We need 3 men and 4 women for this hysterical and moving comedy. Roles range in size from walk-on to heavy lead; there are parts for every experience level.

Paul Friedman- 33-ish, funny, charming, passionate (large part)
Anne Miller- early 20's-mid 30's, funny, kooky, passionate (large part)
Woman in 4A- older woman, crotchety, acidic, tough (medium part)
Janet Friedman- About the same age as Paul, serious, possibly uptight (medium part)
Richard Miller- About the same age as Anne, serious, businesslike (medium part)
Eddie- any age, relaxed, not too concerned with other people's issues, just doing his job (small part)
Pregnant woman- energetic, pushy, hormonal (small part)
Expectant father- energetic, prickly, critical (small part)

The show dates are: July 25-26, August 2-3. Our rehearsal schedule will be built around the needs of actors cast."

Visit OR dial 1-319-APP-LAUD with questions.

Source: Oster Regent Theatre Newsletter

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