Sunday, June 29, 2014

Auditions for Black Hawk Children's Theatre's Romeo and Juliet

Waterloo - Black Hawk Children's Theatre has announced auditions for its fall production of Romeo and Juliet

Audition Dates:
Saturday, July 12 at 1 pm
Thursday, July 17 at 6 pm

Local Production Dates:
November 14-22, 2014

Touring Production Dates: To Be Announced

Cast of Characters:
SAMPSON: (14+ male or female) A Capulet Servant
GREGORY: (14+ male or female) A Capulet Servant
ABRAM: (14+ male or female) A Montague Servant
BALTHASAR: (14+ male or female) A Montague Servant
ROMEO: (15+ male) Of the house of Montague
JULIET: (14+ female) Of the house of Capulet
MONTAGUE: (adult male) Romeo's father.
BENVOLIO: (15+ male or female) Romeo's friend
MERCUTIO: (15+ male) Romeo's friend.
CAPULET: (adult male) Juliet's father.
LADY CAPULET: (adult female) Juliet's mother.
TYBALT: (15+ male) Juliet's cousin.
NURSE: (15+ female or male) Juliet's nurse and attendant.
FRIAR LAURENCE: (adult male) counselor to both Romeo and Juliet
FRIAR JOHN: (adult male) Friar Laurence's peer
APOTHECARY: (adult male) Sells poison to Romeo

*All roles will be doubled; ages are approximates. This show is designed to tour to area stages; the cast will be expected to help with setting up and striking the set and costumes for performances.

Synopsis: With passion and poetry, we share Shakespeare’s timeless tale of “star-crossed” young love that brings unity to fighting factions.

Audition Requirements: Those interested in being cast should choose and prepare one of the Shakespeare monologues selected from the play. You may find these monologues at or contact Anita Ross at or 319-235-0367.

Additional Details: Anyone interested in auditioning should simply show up on one of the audition dates at the WCP/BHCT Walker Building, 224 Commercial Street in Waterloo. WCP/BHCT is a nonprofit community (amateur) theatre and neither prior experience nor membership is required to audition. WCP/BHCT is committed to a policy of open auditions. Our success depends on the full participation of talented people, regardless of their race, creed, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.

Scripts will be available for a week-long perusal with a $10 deposit. Please stop by the WCP/BHCT Walker Building during normal business hours (Tuesday-Friday, 8 am - 6pm) to pick up a script.

In addition to actors, production crew volunteers are needed. For more information about backstage roles, please call 319.235.0367 or email

Source: WCP press release

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