Friday, August 22, 2014

WCP Announces Change of Season

Waterloo -Waterloo Community Playhouse/Black Hawk Children’s Theatre is excited to announce two programming changes approved by the Board of Directors this week. First, the Playhouse will present the premiere of Frost/Nixon by playwright Peter Morgan as a substitute in the planned WCP 2014-15 season. Second, the revised process for planning the upcoming season provides an open invitation for community participation. The 2015-16 WCP/BHCT season will be created utilizing the active involvement of community members during a series of three workshops in August.

Several factors went into the decision to produce Frost/Nixon, including the privilege of producing a premier with this adaptation of a real life drama. This eight man, two woman show will also provide balance for the season after the female focused Steel Magnolias. This show has precedence. The Frost/Nixon interviews were as close as the country came to having a “verdict” in the impeachment, and it provided an opportunity to bring some resolution to a very traumatic period in American history This change was recommended by incoming WCP Artistic Director Matthew R. Kerns and is a glimpse into his artistic vision. Frost/Nixon will replace Southern Fried Funeral in January 2015.

A decision by the senior leadership at WCP/BHCT to offer a more transparent and dynamic process in play selection led to the new plan for selecting the 2015-16 season. WCP/BHCT will host a series of three workshops on August 16, 23 & 30 from 9am-Noon. A maximum of 20 community members will be part of the process. Workshop participants must commit to attending all three sessions in order to keep a forward momentum. During these sessions, participants will discuss titles and genres, perform various scenes on their feet, and have a chance to submit additional titles for consideration. Community members ages 16 or older are invited to participate. For further information or to apply to be a participant, contact the WCP/BHCT office at (319) 235-0367 or

Names will be drawn to select the 20 workshop participants. Artistic Directors Matthew R. Kerns and Anita Ross, along with Executive Director Constance Grimm will be present at the workshops and together will build up to three potential seasons based on the workshop process. The WCP/BHCT Board of Directors will then vote on the proposed season presented to them by the senior leadership team.

Source: WCP/BHCT press release

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