Tuesday, September 2, 2014

VSA Young Playwright Discovery Program

Iowa City - The Young Playwright Discovery Program is continuing this year.

A VSA instructor comes to your classroom for a minimum of five hours, scheduled at your request. There is no charge to the school, and the program is endorsed by ICCSD’s director of curriculum and instruction.

Last year, students from Northwest Junior High won $500.00 from the Kennedy Center for their winning script; the money is given to the Northwest arts program.

Locally, two students from West High and two students from City High had full productions of their work performed at Riverside Theatre.

The VSA Playwright Discovery Program invites middle and high school students to examine how disability affects their lives and the lives of others, and express their views in creating a script. Students may write, improve, or narrate from their own experience and observations, or create fictional characters and settings. Students with and without disabilities are encouraged to participate. Work may be that of an individual student or a group of students. Completed scripts are eligible for the Kennedy Center Young Playwright Competition.

For further information, or to schedule a teaching artist, you may phone 319-321-7926.

Source: Combined Efforts Theatre

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