Friday, December 5, 2014

Camo! The Musical

Mike Wilhelm and Rip Russell. Photo by Emily McKnight.
Iowa City - "Camo! The Musical opens December 5th at ICCT. ICCT is very proud to be collaborating with CET, Iowa’s only theatre company with the mission of purposeful inclusion of individuals with disabilities in compelling and entertaining performances. This fun and original new musical is written and co-directed by CET founder Janet Schlapkohl, with co-director Krista Neumann, and music written by Chris Okiishi.

This collaboration has produced a fun, heartfelt show that is great for all members of the family during the holiday season. You do not want to miss this one and tickets are going fast! The show follows a group of hunters as they prepare for the fall season. The women gather to drink coffee and discuss men, marriage, their own camouflage, and a thing called Lamaze. The woods become magical as army-buddies reunite; brothers discover what they need most and for two outsiders, love blossoms. A comedy set in the early 1980’s, the themes and characters will be familiar to anyone who knows what a prune Kolache is.

Come join us for this lively and lovely theatrical experience. To learn about Combined Efforts and their mission, check out their website To purchase tickets by phone or online, contact our Box Office. All photos were taken by Emily McKnight."

Source: ICCT Press Release

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