Friday, December 5, 2008

Auditions for Arkansaw Bear

City Circle - Auditions for the upcoming City Circle Acting Company & Iowa’s Children’s Museum production of The Arkansaw Bear by Aurand Harris will be held Sunday from 5-7 pm and Monday from 7-9 pm at Community Christ Church, 121 South Ridge Drive in Coralville. The show will be directed by Jason Hedden.

The following roles are available: Little Girl (Tish), Dancing Bear, Mime, Star Bright, Ringmaster, Little Bear, Mother, Aunt Ellen & Announcer. Most roles can be cast non-gender specific. City Circle offers the following synopsis of the show: "Saddened and bewildered at her grandfather's approaching death, Tish runs to her "special tree." There, in a world of fantasy, provided by her wishing on a Star, she meets the World's Greatest Dancing Bear. He is old, like her grandfather, and is running away -- from death. In trying to help him, she begins to understand the meaning of both life and death, which helps her to cope with her own sadness. The play blends realism and fantasy, pathos and humor. Delightfully theatrical, with music, magic and dance, enthusiastically applauded by children's audiences -- and family audiences. The Arkansaw Bear is an important work by America's foremost playwright for young audiences, sparkling with entertainment and, at the same time, dramatizing, with poignancy, a universal truth."

For more information, email the director .

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