Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek Opens February 8

Iowa City - "Dreamwell Theatre proudly presents The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek by Naomi Wallace and directed by Chuck Dufano. The poetic, Depression-era play by a prize-winning writer is a coming-of-age story with a wicked twist. Shows Friday and Saturday, February 8, 9, 15, & 16, 7:30 PM at the Unitarian Universalist Society, 10 S. Gilbert Street in Iowa City. Tickets: adults $13, students/seniors $10.

Dalton Chance is 15 years old and an open book. Pace Creagan, aged 17, is fearless and feared, and to Dalton, she’s irresistible. The relationships between Dalton and his parents, Gin and Dray, are explored as well as the curious behavior of Chas, the jailor, with his own secret. All roles examine the depths of how each character found themselves in their current situation and how they deal with it in this world where no bright future is apparent.

Throughout the play Naomi Wallace delves into a story where people struggle to change the lives that bear down upon them. Director Chuck Dufano said that 'bringing out the imagery and reality of this play has been challenging and rewarding. Audiences will absorb the beauty of Wallace's words against the harsh backdrop of these characters' lives.'

The Chicago Theatre Beat describes Wallace’s work as '...Romeo and Juliet without the romance, just rebellion and it’s not enough.' Logan Natvig, who plays Dalton Chance, said 'The biggest challenge I've had with this role is playing the wide range of emotions in a short period of time. I need to go directly to a heavily emotional scene right after a lighter, playful scene.'

This show is an emotional complement to the Dreamwell season, in conjunction with the theme, Ova-tion: A Season of Women’s Words. Adeara Jean Maurice, who portrays Pace, feels 'Naomi Wallace is a playwright that does something really unique. Her plays make you think. You can't leave a Naomi Wallace play without talking about it with a friend a couple weeks later. It's important we do plays like that.' "

(Source: Dreamwell press release)

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